Denver Part 1

A few weeks ago I went to Denver, Colorado for my choir’s annual tour. We were there for a choir festival, but spent a few extra days sight-seeing and doing fun activities!
The first thing we did in Denver was visit The Molly Brown House. Molly Brown was one of the Titanic survivors, and had a beautiful home. The home was going to be destroyed years ago and turned into a parking lot, but the people of the city saved it because of it’s history. The house was restored in the 70s. We took a tour and the house was lovely, but no photos were allowed.
We did a little shopping at the 16th street mall.
Hannah + Starbucks 🙂
We ate at the Denver Aquarium restaurant (which was freezing!) while a mermaid show was going on, then we walked around the aquarium.
The next day we went on a walking tour of Denver, which turned out to be a city scavenger hunt! It was fun, but very hot, and there was a LOT of walking involved (three hours). The scavenger hunt was set in the 1920s and there were actors we met along the way who were all dressed up and told us their story. So neat!
That night, we went to the choir festival. The festival lasted four days, and I’ll talk more about it in part 2. This post is all pics from the activities we did just as a choir, not with the festival.
We took a very bumpy bus ride up the winding rocky mountains (great idea, right?) to a little town called Georgetown. From there we took a cute little train around parts of the mountain. It was a perfect sunny day!
The little train took us to an old silver mine. Thankfully we didn’t go into the mine above (ha).
But we did go into this dark pit of gloom.
It was very wet, but it was SO COOL! (literally, it was 44 degrees inside)
The next day we went to Hammond’s Candy Factory to take a tour. We saw how they made some of their candy, then went on a sugary spree in the candy shop.
Like kids in a candy store. Oh wait, we are kids in a candy store.
We flew back to Phoenix that day.
Hello, Phoenix sunsets! It’s so good to be home. I had a great time on tour, but the festival was, um, not so good. I’ll talk about that soon. 😉 My favorite part of traveling is being in a new place! I always see the same things every day, so it’s wonderful to by surrounded by different, er, surroundings!
Have a lovely day, friends.
<3 Kate

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