How to Throw a Blanket Fort Party

DIY Blanket Fort Party

As the months grow colder, the temptation to hole up in a blanket fort grows stronger. Forts were a big part of my childhood. I mean, what better way to cozy up than inside a mountain of fuzzy things?

So for my 16th birthday, I made a giant fort. My inner 5 year old had so much fun. I realized I never shared the party on my blog, so I though I would now because it would be a perfect activity for a cold autumn night.

DIY Blanket Fort Party

DIY Blanket Fort Party

First, let’s talk about building the fort. It only took about 20-30 minutes to build. It had to fit six people, so we took over half the living room. If you’re building it for only a few people, you can take over just the corner of the room. Pick a spot with lots of tall things you can tie blankets to (curtain rods, furniture, etc).

I built mine by turning our two couches back-to-back about eight feet apart for “walls.” Then I connected six flat sheets together with safety pins. We tied the one end up on a curtain rod, and the other side we secured on the entertainment center with two heavy duty clamps. The sides draped over the couches. To bring up the big, sagging middle, we attached a string and connected it to the ceiling fan. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that because if the sheets are pulled, it could cause the fan to fall. I had my dad test it out to make sure it was safe (safe enough. #livingontheedge).

I will say that at one point, the entire middle fell in while we were inside and my life flashed before my eyes. It turned out my dog thought walking on top of the fort would be fun.

DIY Blanket Fort Party

I put a ladder and another sheet by the “door” of the fort. I wanted it to be fully enclosed, so on the other side, I moved a huge ottoman to cover the hole.  If you’re worried about it getting too hot in the fort, add a floor fan to air it out. I made mine in the middle of summer and it was fine with the fan.

Balloons with glow sticks inside!

Once the main structure is built, you can decorate it. Lay down as many blankets as you can find on the floor and line the walls with pillows. Twinkle lights are a must for ultimate cozy vibes! I also bought white balloons and put glow sticks in them. They looked amazing when the lights were off.

DIY Blanket Fort Party

The rest is up to you. Turn on a movie, play board games, eat popcorn, and have fun with friends. OR, have a party for yourself and binge watch Netflix. It’s all good.

Twinkle Lights

Thanks for reading! I’ll TTYL – today is Christmas decorating day! So I’ll leave you with this pic of Zoe…


Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!

♥︎ Kate

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