happy videos for a not-so-happy day

if you couldn’t tell, i spend quite a bit of time on the internet. i love finding amazing creators or people doing cool things in general. as today is not exactly the best day in the world, i am distracting myself by collecting some cool things i’ve found online and sharing them with you.

this first video is an amazing de-stresser, but before you watch it, you must first do the following things: 1. put on headphones 2. stream it in the highest possible quality you can on your computer (not your phone) 3. turn up your brightness a little 4. make it fullscreen

now you are prepared to witness this:

was that not the most mesmerizing, psychedelic, effervescent video you’ve ever seen? i can’t stop watching it. the artist, thomas blanchard, created it by mixing paint, milk, oil, and dish soap. here’s a making-of video of his process.

dayummm jon cozart. i hope we are friends someday.

will darbyshire is one of my favorite youtubers. just… watch and you’ll see why.

the best way to describe sonia is a free spirit. her films are unique and creative, someone who doesn’t care what other people think and is totally, unapologetically themselves. soul pancake has lots of other amazing youtubers too, like new age creators.

prince ea is just amazing. you’ve probably seen his videos floating around facebook. this is one of my favorites of his.

i hope you have a little more faith in humanity after watching these. our country is divided right now, but we will never move forward unless we unite. i hope people can put aside their differences and focus on fighting for what’s right, no matter who our president is.

we the people.

okee bye.

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