senior year lessons


’tis senior year, a time where every few weeks i have a college freakout. i am moving out in one year, which in itself is terrifying, but i am so excited to be independent. here are some things i’ve learned so far:

apply for college and scholarships and the SAT and FAFSA at the beginning of the first semester. being homeschooled, i had no idea how anything worked and somehow i thought i didn’t have to worry about this stuff until the spring. oh was i wrong.

don’t stress too much about grades. they don’t really matter this year because colleges and scholarships will mostly look at junior year’s grades.

daydreaming about how you will decorate your dorm is totally normal. so is watching millions of dorm tours, move-in vlogs, and what to bring to college videos.

be nice to your teachers. they will write letters of recommendation for you.

be nice to everyone. senior year is the year to make a difference. when you graduate, leave a legacy as the person who was everyone’s friend.

make a plan on how you’re going to pay for college. i recommend reading dave ramsey’s total money makeover to see what not to do. don’t take out student loans unless you have to.

have fun. senior year is for making the most out of the little time you have left at high school.


this post is part of a series with the lovely sophia. check out her post!

if you’re a senior, what are some things you’ve learned so far? if you aren’t, what are some things you’re looking forward to senior year?

4 thoughts on “senior year lessons

  1. I HAVE A LONG WHILE TO GO UNTIL SENIOR YEAR, but I did still really enjoy this post. 🙂
    i feel like I’ll end up being really stressed senior year but like you said, colleges mostly look at your grades from junior year. however, the anticipation of waiting for acceptance/rejection letters from college will probably really stress me out.

    • preparation is the best thing you can do, especially during your sophomore and junior year. :] hopefully once you get to senior year, then you can enjoy yourself and not stress!

      thanks so much for your comment ♥︎

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