hello friends,

i’ve been extremely busy as of late. i had three shows this weekend which resulted in me getting sick, so i’ve taken a few days to myself to recover instead of doing the things on my never-ending to-do list. i’m in a weird mood tonight – a type of mood i get in every once in a while when i feel really done with life. it’s this feeling where i dream of a world with fantasy and magic and all i want to do is listen to pretty classical music (currently the little prince soundtrack… a+ film btw). i guess when i’m sad i just turn to imagining a world where i can fly.

anyway, the illustration above is just a little idea i wanted to try out. i really want to get into digital art more. i can’t say i have my own style yet, so i’ve been experimenting with different styles in hope that mine will naturally form. i love imagining cute little moments like this that i hope to share with someone someday.

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