a list of nice things



velvet ribbons

puppy cuddles

dried flowers

lace curtains

hardback books

ice water

blanket forts

fuzzy socks

plant shopping


frosty windows

clean sheets



i decided to write this list instead of an essay. priorities :]

what are some of your favorite nice things?



My skin rubs against the soft lining of my hoodie
Grey skies, gentle water
Deep conversations as we explore the hotel

Laughing, smiling
A somber happiness in the calm
Opening doors that are none of our business
Leaning on the balcony
Considering trespassing to find Michael Bublé’s vacation home

As we gaze at the trees,
The clouds,
The water,
A movement catches our eye

We race down the wooden steps
The rocks pinch my feet
The pavement is dark with morning rain

There it is
A shadow glides through the saltwater
We step, careful, quiet
The water laps at the stony ramp
There is nothing

Out of the blue
A head emerges
A head with whiskers
And two black eyes

We slowly kneel as
It drifts closer
And closer

Don’t move

It bobbles toward us
Either unaware of our presence
Or doesn’t care

I stand up
My fingers slowly leaving the ground
I blink

It’s gone


I love language. I love how we can use a string of carefully curated words to convey a feeling. It’s a powerful tool. I want to write more, poetry especially. I wrote the above poem for school. I was inspired to write it because it captures a moment from a recent trip to Powell River, BC. I wanted to recreate some of the imagery that replays in my mind whenever I miss Canada. :’]

Sometimes I need to be forced to create something great. I was wondering if any of you feel this way, too? If so, I thought it would be fun to start a little weekly prompt to give you and me the little push to create. Comment below if you’d like to see that going down.

bye for meow!


know yourself


I love how you can never stop learning about yourself. As a teenager, I find that my personality changes slightly every few months. I feel like I’m slowly getting closer to my true personality – the one I would’ve had if societal norms and other experiences hadn’t affected all my social interactions. I find personality tests like Myers Briggs super interesting to learn more about the introverted and extroverted parts of my brain. Apparently I am both an ENTJ and an ISFP, complete polar opposites.

This test is a pretty good one. Take it and let me know what personality type you are!