DIY Valentine Nail Art

Here is a quick tutorial on how to create this cute + fun Valentine nail art look! It’s much easier than it looks!

You’ll need: One base color (I used white), one or two colors for the design, top coat, a sewing pin (one with the ball on top), and a toothpick. Above is a pic of my favorite nail polish brand ever! It’s Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear. They come in a huge variety of colors and are so cheap!! <3
1. Paint your nails with your base color and let dry for a few minutes. 2. Put a few drops of your second color on paper or foil in a puddle, then use the ball end of your sewing pin to add polka dots to your nails, leaving your ring finger blank. 3. To create a heart, put two dots of another color next to each other, then use a toothpick to pull down the excess polish to a point. 4. Keep filling it in with the toothpick, putting on more polish as needed. Do this on your ring finger. 5. Let dry for at least 30 minutes then finish with top coat.
And you’re done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. 🙂 I’m so excited to launch this little blog that I’ll be posting every day, so be sure to check back tomorrow! <3 Kate

6 Tips For Choosing a DSLR Camera

I bought my first DSLR camera last fall – the Canon Rebel T3 – and I’m loving it! So I thought I’d write a post for those of you who’d like to take their photography to the next level and don’t know where to begin.

The first step would be to figure out what price range you’re looking for. DSLRs usually begin at around $400 for the camera body and lens. If you’re a newbie to DSLR cameras, I recommend googling “entry level DSLRs” – that’s what I have! You might find a list of recommended cameras, usually ranging from $400-$600. Some come with “kit” lenses and some are just the camera bodies. If this is too high for you, look into buying used cameras or high quality cameras that aren’t DSLRs (my sister got a really nice one used for $300).

There are so many different kinds of cameras available that you might not even know where to begin. One thing to do would be to ask a photographer you know. What cameras and lenses do they recommend in your price range?

Once you’ve found a handful of potential cameras, google each one. I spent a few days just looking up reviews to help me decide. I also went into Best Buy and played around with the two cameras I had whittled it down to, and immediately liked one better than the other. It was like that feeling brides get when they try on “the” dress 😉

My camera was sold at several stores including Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and a few small shops online. Best Buy and Target had a much higher price than Amazon, plus Amazon’s warranties were cheaper and I got free shipping with Amazon Prime. For me, this was definitely the way to go. If you are interested in purchasing your camera from a small online shop you’ve never heard of, make sure to google that website to check if its fake or spam, especially if the price seems too good to be true.

You can also buy your camera used. Places like Amazon, Craigslist, and Ebay are great for that. Here is a good guide on what to look for in person and here is a thread on what to be cautious of. (I opted not to purchase mine used because the camera model had come out several years ago and I wanted to be sure that mine wasn’t already pretty old.)

I always recommend getting a warranty for your camera. Something this expensive is worth paying the extra $30-$70 in case of an accident! I bought a 3-year warranty off Amazon at a really great price and much cheaper than Best Buy.

This is all based on my experience with purchasing a camera. I hope it has helped you!
<3 Kate


Welcome to my brand new blog, Clover + Dot! I am super excited to launch this site. I’ve been wanting to do it for forever! I have lots of special things planned for the next few days so I hope you’ll check back soon!!
<3 Kate