Last week my sister, Jessie, and I went downtown to take some pics. We went to the prettiest place called Historic Heritage Square that’s really popular for events and photoshoots (there was a wedding taking place when we went).
So now you have met my sister. She is graduating in May. Yay!
<3 Kate

Mesa Arts Center

I went to the Mesa Arts Center recently when they had an arts festival. They had yarn-bombed trees (first pic), recycled solar powered dragonflies, and “beastified” bikes that are pretty much the funniest thing ever. Can you image riding down the sidewalk on this thing?…
Check out this color-by-number mural ^
How was your Easter? I am still munching on chocolate eggs and jelly beans every day. All this (delicious) sugar is not being very nice to my stomach. I think the donuts this morning set off the stomach aches 😉
 <3 Kate

The Barbecue

A week or so ago I went to a big barbecue to help with a photo booth. There were booths and a rodeo and music and all that jazz. It was held at the most gorgeous venue, so naturally I took lots of photos! Also, as we were leaving, I saw my dream car. Isn’t it just gorgeous?? I would love to be able to call it my own someday.
Allergies are finally getting to me and it is not fun. I hope it goes away soon because I feel so crummy! But, today I finished a really cool DIY that I’ll be sharing soon! Also, I reached 100 Instagram followers this week. It’s so exciting! Follow me @cloveranddot
Check back tomorrow for a freebie!
<3 Kate